PreK Education

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K Program is limited by the number of classrooms that currently meet state requirements for such classes. Because these programs are funded through Arkansas Better Chance Opens In New Window, a state program, eligibility is based on family size and income.

To ask about the program, please contact Kathleen Hale, Director of Pre-K Program (479) 718-0209

Current Pre-K classrooms (2016-17):

Asbell Elementary:
1 classroom
The Owl Creek School:
 2 classrooms

Leverett Elementary: 1 classroom
Holcomb Elementary: 1 classroom

Happy Hollow Elementary: 1 classroom
Butterfield Elementary: 1 classroom

To find other state accredited Pre-K Programs, click on the following link:
 Opens In New Window and click on "Search for Child Care" in the navbar. Arkansas Better Chance programs will come up if you enter your zip code and select "Must be an ABC Facility."