Dr. Wendt Named to National Advisory Council
Dr. Wendt Named to National Advisory Council
Posted on 12/16/2016
Dr. Wendt

The Fayetteville Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt to the College Board’s National Superintendent’s Advisory Council. “The Fayetteville Board of Education is honored that Dr. Wendt has been appointed as one of only 36 superintendents nationally to serve on this advisory body,” said Justin Eichmann, Board President.  "Fayetteville is focused on having a greater presence and voice in public education across the state and country.  This appointment is a step in that direction and we congratulate Dr. Wendt on this honor and thank him for his willingness to serve."

The National Superintendent’s Advisory Council meets regularly to discuss district-level implications for College Board programs and services and to advise the College Board on how it can best support district leaders to ensure student success. This forum allows superintendents to interact with colleagues from across the nation and exchange best practices and key accomplishments.

“The College Board will benefit immensely from Dr. Wendt’s 27 years of experience in public education, in several states and districts,” said David Gupta, Vice President, College Board, Southwest Region. “He’s joining an esteemed group of superintendents whose insight is invaluable as we aim to expand opportunities for all students.”

Dr. Wendt attended his first meeting of the council in New York earlier this week.  “The College Board, with its SAT, Advanced Placement, and other efforts across America, continues to identify ways to enhance opportunities for kids,” stated Dr. Wendt.  “I am honored to join this distinguished group of my colleagues, and I look forward to representing Fayetteville Public Schools.”

Barbara Prichard, Gifted and Talented and AP Curriculum Director, Fayetteville Public Schools, who serves on The College Board’s Academic Assembly, said of Dr. Wendt’s appointment, “This invitation for Dr. Wendt is both an honor for him and our district.  Participation and input on matters of national importance affords our district a voice nationwide.  I believe Dr. Wendt is the first Arkansas superintendent to be invited to this select council.”

Founded in 1900, The College Board is a not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity, including work with SAT and the Advanced Placement Program.  It was created to expand access to higher education and has over 6,000 members consisting of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Dr. Wendt added, “I extend my gratitude to my Board of Education for their leadership, support and encouragement.  I appreciate our AP teachers and all that they do for our students.  And, I offer a special thank you to Barbara Prichard for her unwavering dedication to our school district and her personal endorsement that means so much to me.  We are only as strong as those around us; I am blessed to be with incredible leaders, educators, and people genuinely interested in serving kids.”