Happy Hollow Elementary

Happy Hollow Elementary

The newest addition of Happy Hollow was added to the Fayetteville Public School District. Relocated and newly constructed, it is a great leap forward in design and efficiency. Built around LEED specifications to be environmetally friendly, the architects kept the old, open feel, while adding tons of new features. Designed to reflect the farm houses that used to be on the property, Happy Hollow delivers a very modern approach to an old design, and is a beautiful addition to Fayetteville.

To learn more about the LEED features of the school check out the interactive map.

Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow Elementary School is located on a wooded knoll at the end of Ray Avenue just north of Highway 16 East. Happy Hollow gets its name from the Happy Hollow Farm which was immortalized in many stories in national magazines and books written by William R. Lighton during the early 1900's. In 1908, William Lighton bought the land and turned it into a productive organic farm. A writer and novelist, Lighton, published an article about the farm in the Saturday Evening Post. This later led to a book, Happy Hollow Farm (1914); describing the trials and successes on the farm that coincided with a "back to the land" movement and subsequently attracted scores of people to the beauty and affordability of land in Northwest Arkansas.