Fayetteville Students Consistent in Surpassing State Average ACT
Fayetteville Students Consistent in Surpassing State Average ACT
Posted on 08/25/2016
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The Fayetteville High School class of 2016 continued the trend of outscoring the state average on the ACT resulting in a composite score of 23.8.  The 2016 composite score was the same as the 2015 composite score.

“ACT scores can provide greater opportunities for Fayetteville Public School students,” said Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt. “Higher ACT scores mean students have more educational opportunities beyond high school and likely academic scholarships.  It is a testament to the hard work of our students and the academic focus of our teachers, support staff, and administrators.”

In Arkansas, 28,120 students were tested with an average composite score of 20.2. Four hundred and twenty-six Fayetteville Public Schools students took the test in 2016.  A perfect ACT score is 36 and five current Fayetteville High School students achieved this honor.

“As we continue to build on the strengths of Fayetteville Public Schools and the strengths of our programs, we anticipate these scores to increase over time,” said Dr. Steven Weber, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning. “We are committed to preparing our students for their next step in life.  The ACT is one important measure of our students’ success.”

According to The ACT, the ACT tests are a widely accepted indicator of the extent graduates are prepared for college-level work. The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading, and science. ACT establishes college-readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses, including college English composition, college algebra, college social science, and college biology.  The benchmark score established is the minimum score needed on an ACT subject-area test to indicate a 50% chance of obtaining a B or higher in a college level class. 

In Arkansas, 20% of students tested met all four benchmark scores, while 43% of Fayetteville Public Schools students met the four college readiness benchmarks.